RS PRO Yoke Magnetiser & Demagnetiser

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RS PRO Yoke Magnetiser & Demagnetiser

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RS PRO Magnetizer and Demagnetizer for Hand Tools

From RS PRO this magnetiser/ demagnetiser is an essential for any tool box. It has a powerful magnet, that has been designed to either magnetise or demagnetise small hand tools; such as screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, wrenches, hex keys and other small tools and ferrous metal items such as screws.

The magnetiser is pocket sized making it ideal to carry around with you and is housed in a strong plastic case. Electromagnets in the form of a horseshoe magnet called a yoke, induce a magnetic field between the two poles ensuring it's use even when outdoors or in remote locations.

To demagnetise, simply pass the object through the demagnetise section of the tool. This works by creating an irregular magnetic field that spins the magnetic moments, meaning any magnetic field the tool has will quickly disappear.

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