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RS PRO, the own brand of RS Components, offers an unbeatable range of products across all industries with quality you can trust. Our products are audited against demanding international standards, inspected for durability and consistency and tested by leading engineers. Only when products have been through this process are they backed by our seal of approval. By providing quality that can be trusted on a choice of over 65,000 products across all technologies we make RS PRO your smart choice.

Featured Products

Photoelectric Sensors

A range of industry format barrel and block sensors interchangeable with many leading brands.

Capacitive Sensors

Surface mount and threaded barrel capacitive sensors offering multi-material sensing at up to 15mm.

Fibre Optic

Precision fibre optic sensors with a choice of sensing heads, operating modes and IO-Link support.

Inductive Sensors

Industry format threaded barrel and block sensors which offer a cost effective alternative to leading brands.

Rotary Encoders

High quality, shaft & thru-bore mount optical encoders with resolutions up to 5000 pulses per revolution.

Handheld Barcode Reader

A robust, industrial use, barcode scanner supporting 2D & 3D barcodes and offering USB connectivity.


A fully automated production line meets our RS PRO-BOT. A story of chaos and productivity - introducing our new range of RS PRO Sensors!

Discover the RS Pro Sensors Series

  • Your smart choice for Factory Automation sensing applications
  • From Inductive to Encoders, we have it covered
  • Tested to high standards, ensuring quality & reliability at a great price

RS PRO Seal of Approval

  • AUDITED in compliance with industry standards
  • INSPECTED for guaranteed quality and performance
  • TESTED by leading engineers

Discover RS Pro Quality 

Audited, Inspected, and Tested. Becoming an RS PRO product is not that easy. Take a trip to our Quality control labs with RS PRO-BOT!

Discover the full RS PRO Range

  • Over 65,000 products across all technologies
  • From Hand Tools to Test & Measurement, Cables and Wires to Sensors
  • All backed by the RS PRO Seal of Approval to provide the quality you can trust