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Technology innovations are driving change in the railway industry. More trains are becoming electrified and research and innovation in industrial automation in the railway equipment supply, product and services sector is on the rise. There is also the rising demand for new trains to enhance the passenger experience while also meeting environmental targets. 
And the railway industry remains one of the harshest environments for components, needing to perform reliably when exposed to the elements as well as constant shock and vibrations. Not only do the products need to be highly reliable and to a high-quality standard, but safety is also a priority, as they are often installed in confined spaces (which therefore means they may need to adhere to specific regulations). Personal safety is also of paramount importance due to the hazardous nature of the industry.


 A few considerations when making product selections include: 


Low Fire Hazard (LFH): specific products/areas within the rail industry call for stringent safety to prevent the spread of fire or the creation of toxic fumes, therefore products are required to be LFH. At RS we have a range of LFH products, including conduit, connectors and cables. 


Harsh Environments: products need to survive all weathers and be highly reliable in all conditions, so RS can offer thousands of products from across our range with IP ratings of up to IP69k 


Health & Safety: From high-visibility workwear to respirators and fall arrest, we can provide complete solutions from our broad range of leading brands.

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