Control Station Switches and Accessories

Within our Control Station Switches & Accessories section, you will find a large range of pendants and enclosures, along with the switches and indicators. We work with leading companies such as Siemens and ABB to provide the best solutions available. Our own RS brand range can also help you save on cost rather than quality.

Hazardous Area Products

With one of the largest range of ATEX products, you can find all the solutions you need.

Honeywell NGC IP67 Limits Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ NGC Series, are configurable as either SPDT or DPDT switches, the housing and footprint is the same throughout the range. Globally approved, they are sealed to IP67 and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Panasonic Micro Laser Distance Sensors

HG-C series micro laser distance sensors provide high-end performance in a small lightweight package. This sensor not only indicates measured values in mm, but also outputs analog voltage.