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Test & Measurement

Are you responsible for development and design? Maintenance? Or for process optimisation? No matter which job role you have, you can find a complete range of products from us. Take a look at our range of temperature measurement equipment, multimeters, energy monitors and electrical test equipment. You will find everything you need right here.

Multimeters and Bench Test

For the simplest of requirements through to the most challenging noisy, industrial applications and high precision bench measurements, our range has the right solution for your requirement.

Bench Test
All your bench test requirements for device power, signal generation and analysis.


Fluke Connect - wirelessly connected instrument

With the 3000 series of wireless devices, you can place your measuring instrument at the live installation and see the results when you're at a safe distance.


A comprehensive range of contact and non-contact temperature measurement equipment, including thermal imaging equipment for detailed troubleshooting plus probes and other accessories.

What is FLIR IGM - Infrared Guided Measurement?

Electrical Test and Energy/Power Measurement

Electrical Test
We have an extensive range for all aspects of electrical testing, from all the leading brands in the field.

Energy and power measurement
As energy costs increase taking control of usage and troubleshooting problems that may lead to higher costs is essential. Power analysers also help troubleshoot problems that can otherwise lead to expensive breakdowns and production downtime.


Safety rating for instruments (CAT II, ??III and IV)

What is CAT safety ratings?

A concept that is important to understand about electrical safety, is the overvoltage installation classification. The standards define categories from levels 0 to IV often abbreviated as CAT 0, CAT II etc.

The breakdown of the power grid into categories, is based on the fact that dangerous high energy transients, such as lightning strikes, dampen as they travel through the network.

A higher CAT rating refers to an environment where higher voltage and transients with greater energy occur. This means that a multimeter that meets CAT III can withstand transients with significantly higher energy than one that meets CAT II.

Within each category, a higher rated voltage indicates that the instrument has a higher rated voltage and the instrument can withstand higher transients.

Process Calibration

Ensure your production processes are fully in control: source and measure process parameters and test hardware to ensure accuracy.

Everything within test and measurement from one supplier