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Moving into modern maintenance

The pace of change in industrial environments, driven by Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, creates a challenge for modern maintenance engineers. 
At RS, we understand those challenges. 

We partner with you to help integrate new products, services and technologies to support planned, preventative and reactive maintenance demands, as well as procurement needs. We want to showcase and highlight more productive ways of working within a maintenance environment across a range of industries by giving you all latest technologies; delivered when you need them. Click on the images below to find out more.


Maintenance engineers are under increasing pressure to keep things running smoothly. The challenges that faced on a daily basis mean you need easy access to the right products, at the right time – giving you time to focus on what really matters. We offer flexible delivery options, technical support and solutions. Plus there’s DesignSpark – our online community for engineers to search or share tips and advice.


You have planned maintenance strategies to suit your specific requirements. To support you we have an extensive range of products to assist you, no matter what environment you’re operating in. This includes the essentials you need plus products that will help prevent recurrence of a problem, so reducing the burden of scheduled replacement or worn parts.

Why is Planned Maintenance so important?

Maintenance is a key part of any business, no matter how big or small. In this modern, competitive world it’s more vital than ever to maximise the useful lifetime of any given asset to ensure that cost is kept to a minimum. In short, effective maintenance has the ability to increase profit and reduce downtime.

Real-time machine performance tracking

PerfTrak is an innovative turnkey system based on Internet of things that allows industries to understand the root causes of their performance losses and to gather, visualize and export information from any of their production facilities in real-time.

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Forecast when a part is likely to fail and only replace it when absolutely necessary, but before a failure causes downtime. This approach avoids the cost and lost production time of regularly replacing parts that do not yet need renewal. There are a number of solutions available to help you gain additional information about your production equipment and we feature some areas here.

Predictive Maintenance within production line

As with any production line, it’s essential that the equipment is maintained, to avoid failure and costly downtime.
Using technology to monitor and predict when failures could be about to occur, or performance has reduced.

Predictive Maintenance Tools 

Fluke offers a range of predictive maintenance tools designed to help you learn as much about your processes as possible. Thermal imaging cameras reveal where parts are running too hot, vibration analyzers can monitor bearing performance. Logged over time, this information will show trends helping you decide the right time to take action.


Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0

IOT can help you monitor your process, 

release crucial data and enable


Test & Measurement

Our extensive range of T&M equipment

offers everything you need for all your

maintenance tasks

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